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: Thursday, August 23, 2007 19:31

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Dear Visitor .


Thanks a lot for your interest in my website. This site has been established now, more than 3 years after my move to China, that my family and friends can participate in my experiences here in China. They get the opportunity to see and download photos, because I have really no time to send mails with stories and photos to all of my friends. Now everybody can choose the stories and photos he is interested in.

This site is not a travel- or tour-guide for China, although I will report about some very interesting cities and places worth a visit. Everybody planing a trip to China, probably can find some more suggestions and informations in addition to some travel-guides and other websites. No more than that this site should be seen as a common description of the chinese culture, the country and the people, as here are only published my personal experiences which are probably not always objective, even if some of the reports may apply to evetually many or most of the people. The only description that, I would say, applies to at least 95% of the people here, are stories about the traffic. Wherever I traveled or had been driving to (I almost always drive with our own car) the images and impressions of the traffic has been similar. But as everybody knows, there are always and everywhere exceptions to the rules.

I have to annotate, that this website is continoulsly under construction and will be updated as often as possible. But that takes awhile, as I am not very good at using the website software. That's why there isn't much to see here now, but that will change soon. Thanks for your interest and patience.


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